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CyberSecurity enhanced Digital Marketing

What we do

We provide the right web-to-web security solutions for all your needs!

We fully understand your online business and integrate the right solutions for business, web and cybersecurity into the smooth running of your business.

What we offer

We offer creative solutions!

Our broad portfolio covers much more than the broad categories listed below:

Digital marketing

Cyber Media Box can help you improve your digital presence. Our digital marketing services explore critical elements that can improve your digital marketing strategy. We give you valuable insight into the performance of your website and the visibility of your brand/online business.

Cyber security

We provide services to assess and strengthen the cybersecurity posture in your organization. We offer advice, seminars, network monitoring and analysis (Albert), managed security services (MSS), and more.

Creating websites

CyberMediaBox helps you simultaneously establish the aesthetic part of your website and its user-friendliness. We design websites that are optimized, responsive and offer opportunities for future improvements.

Optimizing the digital strategy

We recognize that in a world where mobile devices and online services are becoming more sophisticated, creating an excellent customer experience requires a different approach, beyond actively managing site conversion rates. Web. We have the expertise to customize and optimize different channels to improve customer conversion, retention and average spending.


The online marketing space is constantly evolving as new technologies, services and marketing tactics grow in popularity and become the new standard. We understand the impact of these constant changes and the fact that for these business owners to survive and prosper, they need to be able to make better decisions faster. This is where our analytics web comes in.

Our recent Projects

Online monitoring and evaluation of activities for the optimization of digital marketing

This project is a response-incident server application capable of tracking users' activities. Once a user is able to track user activities. Once a user has completed an activity in a project, they will be able to create logs about what they have accomplished. In the event that an incident such as a cubersecurity breach occurs, this application would be able to automatically suggest possible causes based on the user's records.

Advanced defense department denial to secure web infrastructure

This project allows users to search for open ports in a device. All you need to do is open a socket and check whether a connection can be made from the host device (maintaining the app) across all the ports on the targeted device. Each open port found is stored in a database and the service that is run there. Using open ports, it is possible to determine the identity of the target device. This can be useful in preventing cybersecurity attacks such as DOS attacks.

Our superb team

Our passionate, collaborative and simple employees care about you and your company as if it were their own.

Wided Hasnaoui

Head of Digital Marketing

Wided holds the double master's degree in E-Commerce and digital marketing from HEC Montréal and the University of Tunis. She has more than five years of experience performing several tasks related to data analytics, digital fidelity and e-commerce, including, but not limited to, the development of SEO strategies and social networks. It is fully paid in HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, JIRA and PHP.

Fehmi Jaafar

Cybersecurity analyst

Dr. Jaafar holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science from the Department of Computer Science and Operational Research at the University of Montreal. Dr. Jaafar specializes in cybersecurity, including web application and information system security, software quality, and the application of cyber security machine learning techniques.

Bobby Swar

Information Systems Security Analyst

Dr. Swar holds a PhD. in the information technology management of KAIST, South Korea. His interests include risk management, behavioral information security, outsourcing, social media, the public sector and health informatics.


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