Add value to the Buyer

At CyberMediaBox, we can personalize your sales process to the buyer’s context by understanding the buyer’s journey. We’ll define the buyer’s journey, and show you how to think through it when working prospects in your pipeline.

We will breakdown the process into three distinct steps and guide your business through each of these:

Awareness Stage: At the time of decicing on the product the buyer cannot find or confirm some information he/she may be looking for and realizes they have a problem.

Consideration Stage: The buyer moves forward to defines his/her problem and researches on options to solve it.

Decision Stage: The buyer believes he/she has found the solution in a particular product or service and decides to chooses this solution.

The buyer’s journey

Buyer Personas

At CyberMediaBox, we create personas and map content to the Buyer Journey

  • Personas commonly include:
  • Demographic information (age, income, location)
  • Background (job, career path, family)
  • Key responsibilities
  • Pain areas
  • Key purchase drivers
  • Places they’re most likely to find information
  • Preferred content formats (blog posts, videos, social media posts, e-books)
  • Role in making purchases (influencer, purchaser, final decision-maker)

A B2B persona, however, may not need everything mentioned above. However, you can leave that to us.