Intelligent Incident Response

CyberMediaBox has the answers companies need during a cyber security incident. Our team has extensive experience dealing with security incidents arising from a broad range of circumstances, and regularly helps organizations to prepare for security incidents and, in particular, to develop the security incident response protocols they need to protect their confidential and private data.

Our managed incident response service can help your business:

  • Stop the attack.
  • Identify what assets may have been affected.
  • Remove the source of the breach.
  • Recommend and implement operational improvements to prevent similar breaches in the future.

Intelligent Incident Handling

Our incident handlers have vast experience in incident response procedures in a wide variety of industries. We work closely with internal teams to provide guidance and direction that can mean the difference between a thwarted threat and a disaster for your business. We work with your team through all phases of a security incident to minimize the impact of the attack and put your company in a position to recovery quickly, while taking steps to ensure that similar attacks are prevented in the future.